IRT uses GPAC MP4Box to generate a wide set of streams

IRT is the primary research institute for public-broadcasting organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The IRT teams have used GPAC and other open-source tools such as x264, FFmpeg, x265, dash.js, video.js to generate an extensive repository of differently encoded Audio- and Videostreams for PC, Smartphones, Tablets and HbbTV-Devices.

The streams target:

  • Computers (desktop and laptops)
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • HbbTV-Devices

The generated adaptive streaming formats are:

  • Apple HLS
  • Adobe HDS

Codecs include:

  • Video: H.264, H.265
  • Audio:HE/AAC, E/AC3

Containers are:

  • MP4

Resolutions range from:

  • SDTV to UHD
  • progressive or interlaced
  • high framereate (>= 50Hz)

We encourage this kind of initiative. Interoperability can only be achieved with test content and appropriate tools. In 2013 we wrote an article about HbbTV, test streams and conformance tools.

Find the dataset on the IRT website with a short presentation.

Our partners from Bitmovin also published a list of free datasets. No doubt this one deserves to be listed there too!

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