GPAC Licensing is an industry-oriented initiative around the GPAC open-source software


We want to foster cooperations by proposing missing services such as  support and licenses. The money comes here to reward and keep our contributors, pay for some new servers… and also travel to meet you and keep up to date!

We’ve had many propositions from big companies in the past. We could not make them all happen… With a better-suited structure we have created a win-win partnership with the community of the professional GPAC users.


An incredible story...

GPAC is an open-source software dedicated to rich-media and broadcast technologies. It was born as a startup in New York City in 1999, went open-source in 2003, and since then gets regular focus and awards from the open-source, academic, standardization and professional worlds.

It features the MP4 reference muxer MP4Box, and many other tools. You can find more on the GPAC tools page. It contains more than 650000 lines of code, and its website has been hit over 3 300 000 times during the last year.

GPAC is actually mainly hosted and made possible by Telecom ParisTech, one of the best technological universities of Paris, France. Kudos to them (and more below)!

A powerful worlwide community...

Our core contributors have a worldwide reputation of thinkers and doers.

You can find our names on many publications, standards (ISOBMF, MPEG2-TS, DASH, …), technical mailing-lists all over the Web. Most of the contributors have an entrepreneurship experience. Others have worked at the best companies in the world. We understand the importance of the industry in widespreading technology.

The GPAC past and current contributors are committed to open technologies. It means that the software is open-source but not only. We also support open specifications and try to provide alternative implementations to proprietary protocols. We think openness brings to better technology.

We use our connections to host conferences and events around technology and open-source softwares. Many people at Telecom ParisTech also help hosting events such as the VideoLan Days (VLC, x264), FOMS or the W3C Test The Web Forward. Ping us if you wish to meet there or have a beer!

If you want to contribute, you can contact us. Don’t be shy if you’re looking for an internship, a PhD, or think you can be useful to the project in anyway.

Support of Telecom ParisTech

Telecom ParisTech, one of France’s top five graduate engineering schools, is considered the leading French school in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). They prepare students to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s information society; to manage complexity, innovate, self motivate and work in a multicultural context.

Founded in 1878, Telecom ParisTech is continuously innovating: inventing the word “telecommunications”, hosting the first ICT incubator in France, developing high-level education connected with international research programs and industry.