Open Source Multimedia Framework


GPAC is an Open Source multimedia framework. The project covers different aspects of multimedia, with a focus on multimedia packaging formats such as MP4 and MPEG2-TS and on presentation technologies (graphics, animation and interactivity). GPAC is the reference software for some core multimedia technologies. It has also been the testbed for new technologies such as MPEG-DASH, HEVC, SVC/SHVC, MPEG CENC (Common Encryption), etc.


MP4Box, the reference MP4 muxer!

MP4Box can also demux, analyze and manipulate MP4 files like no other tool. While you can find many working MP4 demuxers out there, building a compliant MP4 muxer is a different story. Many of the MP4 files you’ll find are compliant with the baseline ISOBMF specification, but not with the application standards or recommendations. It creates partially closed ecosystems and makes implementers think that MP4 is complex to handle. Yet it has been acknowledged as a container for its flexibility and reliability by recent standards such as Adobe HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH, codecs such as H265/HEVC, and encryption patterns such as ISMACrypt or MPEG Common Encryption (used by DECE UltraViolet or the HTML5/EME DRM enabler)

Osmo4 / MP4Client, a powerful multimedia player

The GPAC graphical player, called Osmo4, and its interactive command-line version MP4Client are more than a traditional playback infrastructure. It accepts plug-ins (called modules), support Javascript, network protocols, and it can dump, transcode, and interact with your 2D/3D content. It features open Rich-Media technologies as you can see in HTML5 but more suited toward embedded systems. MP4Client has been integrated in set-top boxes and many other devices.The players are available on many platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile…).Browser plug-ins are also available: osmozilla (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera), GPAX (Active X – Internet Explorer)


Other tools for streaming such as MP42TS, DashCast, and more.

GPAC Licensing has developed many tools on the top of a multimedia framework called "Signals". Please contact us if you need a specific tool.

You can find more about the GPAC feature and GPAC team on the GPAC public website. If you have any question, please read the FAQ . If you can’t find the answer, please contact us!