Like open-source? Want to work in a cool and flexible environment? Want to join a team of world renowned experts? The GPAC multimedia project is looking for talented people!

GPAC is a Free Software multimedia framework. We provide packagers, streamers and interactive players at We help building tomorrow’s standards at MPEG, W3C and others.

Open Positions

The project looking for: engineers, interns, PhDs/postdocs.

Specifically at GPAC Licensing, we are looking for:

Skills required

We are looking for talented people with a passion for software development and with a special interest for multimedia  technologies (audio, video, streaming).

  • Passionate about computer engineering
  • Programming in C (legacy) and C++
  • Fluent in English (fluent in French is a plus but not mandatory)
  • Multimedia knowledge: codecs, containers, delivery
  • Other software skills appreciated: build systems, automation (scripting), platform portability, ...
  • Existing open-source contributions
  • Knowledge about Agile and TDD
Optional: (knowing one or more of these items is a plus!)
  • Web Technologies (JS, HTML5, SVG2)
  • Graphics and user interfaces (Qt, OpenGL)
  • Design patterns, meta-programming, C++11/C++14/D, concurrency, cloud modules (Node.js, Docker, OSGi, …)
  • Communication skills; you like explaining things to others (students, trainings, blog articles)

Why work with us?

We believe in freedom. Most of our work is meant to be free software.

We can offer flexible and competitive work conditions. Remote work possible for permanent positions in GPAC Licensing. Equity possible for senior profiles.

Open positions:

Guru Engineer Internship Freelance PhD/PostDoc/R&D-engineer
Duration 2-6M contract 1-3Y, possibly renewable
Location Paris only Paris or Remote Paris or Remote Paris only
International N Y Y Y
Choose your own dev environment Y Y, BYOD Y, BYOD Depends
Environment start-up start-up or lab start-up lab
Remark Junior profile accepted if passionate :) Academic lab environment


Here is a list of projects you may work on. If you apply for a short term position, only pick one ;)

  • Modular framework: we are developing a cool modular framework called “Signals” to help building highly parallel applications:
    • help on the framework (advanced C++11 and parallelism);
    • write additional application and modules based on the platform.
  • Security in GPAC: as the code contains many parsers, there are challenges regarding security. We are improving our API and help for integration in more security-sensitive environments (e.g. web browsers ; using ASAN, etc.).
  • Parsing and analysis. To help our users and our standardization works, we have several R&D tools. This one could be a game changer and needs to be explored. This task involves parsing and meta-modelization.
  • Interoperability: improve the GPAC muxer reusability, and see how to integrate it in other projects (VLC, FFmpeg, etc.)
  • Code architecture: some parts of GPAC can be improved. The task includes good practices, use of modern tools, mapping of existing objects and refactoring. We aim to have a better API and make the project more reusable.
  • MP4Box.js: is a javascript library to parse MP4 files. It is very powerful and  may be used in many cool projects from P2P to industry open-source effort dash.js. This position doesn’t require C/C++ knowledge.
  • Infrastructure: we need an engineer to help on the build system, migration, VMs, test server, github integration… and more generally help the community users. This position doesn’t require C/C++ knowledge.
  • GUIs (including mobile): most of the GPAC tools are command-line based. However some GUIs exists. Your work would be to build a new (Qt) Help on GUIs and user experience on the GPAC tools. Other companies will help on this one.
  • Content authoring: GPAC is a very powerful platform that includes some nice features such as some Javascript support, some HTML5 elements, etc. The target is to design some nice content to be exposed on the website. This position doesn’t require C/C++ knowledge.
  • Others: see and or don’t hesitate to propose yours!

Who we are

GPAC is a Free Software multimedia framework. The project covers different aspects of multimedia, with a focus on multimedia packaging formats such as MP4 and MPEG2-TS and on presentation technologies (graphics, animation and interactivity). We provide packagers, streamers and players on

The GPAC team builds tomorrow multimedia standards. The GPAC team is renown for its participation in standards (ISO/MPEG, W3C, etc.). GPAC is the reference software for some core multimedia technologies and drives innovative technologies (scalable and interactive video, etc.).

The GPAC team is hosted in 2 structures:
  • an academic research lab from Telecom ParisTech - they work on the legacy GPAC codebase, the standards and on the newest delivery and Web technologies. More at:
  • a company which runs the GPAC Licensing cooperative, dedicated to the professional users of the GPAC open-source project - they build new C++ meta-projects and helps on the projects from the professional users (Youtube, Sony, Fox Labs, Elemental, etc.). More at

To apply

Send an email to with:
  • Your resume.
  • What you’re interested in.
  • Why we should take you.
  • References if any (github and personal repository highly appreciated).